ECP/WDP Upgrade Project

Knorr-Bremse (SA) (Pty) Ltd is proud to play an important role in the ECP/WDP upgrade Project on Transnet’s Coalline.

The Transnet Coalline was the first major heavy-haul operator in the world who decided to apply ECP/WDP brake technology to its entire fleet.

In November 2005 Spoornet awarded contracts for the conversion of 6,735 coal wagons and 230 locomotives to upgrade with ECP/WDP technology.

The ECP brake control system consists of locomotive equipment, wagon braking equipment, an ECP End-of-Train device, and a power and communications distribution system.

The locomotive equipment, referred to as the Head-End-Unit (HEU), consists of a trainline communications controller, trainline power supply and an identification module.

The wagon equipment consists of the car control device, vent valve, wagon identification module and junction boxes.

Trainline cable and connectors are provided on both the wagon and locomotive.

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