RDP Upgrade Project

Knorr-Bremse (SA) (Pty) Ltd is honored to be playing a substantial role in Transnet setting new records. KB-SA has been and is responsible for upgrading all 31 of the 9E electric locomotives and 30 of the class 34 diesel locomotives (24 of which are complete) to an electro pneumatic brake system. Included in this is the integration of vacuum brakes into the electro pneumatic brake system on the diesel locomotives.

IRON ORE RDP upgrade program

KB-SA is also responsible for the installation and commissioning of the radio distributed power system supplied by GERS. KB-SA is currently acting as support for GERS and assists with field support wherever necessary.

KB-SA has established a site office and has been in Saldanha for the past 2 years, for locomotive upgrades leading into 2010. This site office will also form part of field support for the new 15E locomotive, planned for delivery in the 2nd quarter 2009.

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