Maintenance and Service


Knorr-Bremse South Africa has a maintenance program for all our electronic and mechanical equipment, i.e.

Electronic equipment:

• B22 Electronic Brake Valve EBV

• B51 Locomotive Cab Display Module LCDM

• B50 Electro-Pneumatic Control EPCU

• B55 Integrated Processor Module IPM

• B56 Relay Interface Module RIM

• G9 Wheel slip Control MGS-2

• H1 Electronic Vigilance Computer VIG.

• K14 Controller TCC

• K15 Power Supply TPS

Mechanical equipment:

• A1 Air compressor VV450-4

• A4 Air dryer

• B7 & B8 Treat Brake Units

• L1 Air Equipment Frame AEF

After Sales Services provided to our customer

We provide the following after sales services to our customers:

• A CCBII Service Centre for all electronic equipment: EPCU, LCDM, EBV and other electronic equipment

• A mechanical Service Centre for all mechanical operated equipment: VV450, AEF, TBU’s and EVC

• A service team in the field which looks after all new type of Locomotives: 15E, 19E and 9E, 11E, 37D & 39 Upgrades

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